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Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling in Detroit Lakes

Are you ready to leave the damaging cycle of substance abuse in your life? Lakes Counseling Center in Detroit Lakes, MN is here to help you overcome your fears and find new hope in living a clean life of sobriety. At Lakes Counseling Center, we are committed to treating individuals struggling with alcoholism and various forms of chemical dependency. We treat adults, adolescents, and families utilizing evidence-based treatment practices as a whole to ensure optimal results in each person’s path to recovery.

Services Offered:

Morning and evening treatment programs for adults
After school treatments program for adolescents and their families
Alcohol and drug education seminar
Alcohol and drug dependency (Rule 25) assessments
Free consultations

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When you come to Lakes Counseling Center, you will be greeted by our warm and welcoming staff. Here, you will receive the highest quality of care and be given personalized treatment for your individual needs. Call us today and discover a new life worth living.

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